Smoked Grown-Up Pigs in a Blanket Recipe



900 g package of pre-cooked sausage
1 can packaged biscuit dough


  1. Separate biscuits.
  2. Cut sausage into 10 cm links.
  3. Spread biscuit dough into width of link, making sure to be long enough to overlap ends.
  4. Roll sausage link in dough and slice into 2.5 cm sections.
  5. Place into non-stick muffin pan.
  6. Turn Grill + Finish Element on high and place nonstick muffin pan onto 3rd Grill + Finish wire-rack placement and smoke for 12 minutes or until dough has browned.
  7. If using Propane, Smoke at 175°C for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.

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