The Pip Stuffed Burger Recipe



Mixture of ground beef, veal and pork
Dry Rub Salt & pepper
Thousand Island dressing
Cheddar shredded cheese and/or Mozzarella shredded cheese
Suggested wood for smoking: Hickory chips


  1. Begin by seasoning your meat generously with salt, pepper and Dry Rub. Mix well and form meat into nice size snowball form meatballs.
  2. Next, using a soda can or whatever you have close in size press gently into the centre of the meatball. Form the meat around the can forming a nice pocket to add your toppings. Once the meat is formed to your liking remove the can. Now, you should have a nicely formed hamburger with a pocket in the centre to add your toppings.
  3. Begin filling the centre of this pocket up with whatever you like – bacon, cheese, onions, mushrooms, etc.
  4. Now begin to form the meat by closing at the top. Close in all open spaces completing into a normal looking hamburger. Only this is hiding some amazing ingredients inside.
  5. Set your smoker to 135°C for 2 hours. This will allow ample time for your smoker to preheat to the 135°C before placing burgers into smoker.
  6. Cooking time will vary depending on how you like your burgers. There is no internal temperatures on this one. Use your best judgment.
  7. Add Thousand Island dressing and shredded lettuce to your burger. Place onto your favourite bun and enjoy!

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