Smash Brisket Mince Burgers Recipe


Check out this Smash Burger recipe using Brisket Mince by Noel Hassapladakis from Meat Mafia Collective. The full video is available on our YouTube channel.


Brisket Mince
Rum & Que Bull Dust Rub
Tomato Sauce
Kewpie Mayo
Brioche Burger Buns
Cheddar Cheese Slices
Melted Butter


Heat Beads Charcoal
Wide Spatula


  1. Heat the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 Grill to 600°F.
  2. Form 130g pattie balls with the brisket mince, avoiding any cracks in the meat.
  3. Dip the brioche bun slices in melted butter.
  4. Slice pickles into slices or small rounds.
  5. Using the smasher, place each pattie ball on the hot place and smash and twist for a thin and even pattie ensuring no meat sticks to the smasher.
  6. After roughly 1 minute, turn over the pattie with a large spatula and lightly season with Rum & Que Bull Dust Rub, before topping with cheddar cheese slices.
  7. Place the brioche buns on the grill to caramelise on the inside, this will take less than 30 seconds.
  8. Remove the buns and dress with sauce before adding the cooked patties and gherkins. Enjoy!

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