Smoked Cheese Pizza Recipe



Pizza dough from your favourite pizza shop
450 g jar of pizza sauce or your own sauce
225 g Mozzarella shredded cheese
12 inch metal pizza pan
Clarified butter


  1. Begin by setting your smoker to 135°C. Set the time for 3 hours.
  2. When making pizza there are many variables. Air temperature and elevation are just some to name a few, so I cannot give you an exact time. You will need to check your pizza from time to time.
  3. I would recommend not adding wood chips. A well-seasoned smoker should give you just the right amount of smoke flavour.
  4. Place pizza pan into smoker. Allow this pan to become hot for 30 minutes prior to placing dough onto pan.
  5. While your pan is getting hot, begin to melt a stick of butter to make clarified butter. Once complete, work your pizza dough into the desired size. Once your dough has reached the desired size, lightly brush butter onto the dough. Do this only on one side.
  6. Now, that your smoker has reached 135°C and your pan has been heating for the last 30 minutes, it is time to place your dough onto the pan. Place the buttered side of the dough down onto the pizza pan.
  7. Now that your dough has been placed butter side down, begin to stretch your dough to fill the entire size of the pan.
  8. Allow pizza dough to cook. After 30 minutes check on the pizza dough. At this point, you may notice your dough starting to rise. This is ok. Allow the dough to cook as needed for additional time. After 1 hour your dough should resemble normal cooked pizza dough.
  9. Add desired amount of sauce onto the dough. Allow the dough to cook for an additional 30 minutes.
  10. Finally, add your cheese. Don't be shy, who doesn't love a cheesy pizza? Once your cheese is nice and hot, it's time to remove the pizza from the smoker.

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